The Historic Restoration Process requires proficiency in a variety of skills

There are very few companies that attempt Historic Restoration and Reproduction.  Steven Handelman Studios takes pride in their commitment to restoring cherished Historical Lighting that tells the story of craftsmen of the past.  The process is very demanding and requires  proficiency in
 a variety of skills and a bit of  design detective work.   The Theater
lights in our story come from the Historic Grand Vision Theater in San Pedro, Ca.
The 1600 seat Movie House of the 1920’s is a fantastic array of art deco design that was typical in 
the early days of the grand movies houses.  These elaborate theaters 
were the portals to the great escape into the magical world of the “talkies”.  This was the
most fantastic technology of the the time and could transport people who had 
never been more than a few miles from their place of birth around the world.
The theater building was a big part of the experience, with elaborate decoration, magnum size and fit for 

The techniques used to fabricate the lighting were diverse:  Metal Castings, Etched Glass, Welding, Zinc
came wrapped Glass and  Soldering were all used to create custom designs for each movie house.  Now over 100 years have passed and the lighting and everything in the 1920 era buildings is in need of repair,
The solder joins fail and the glass falls out, or the glass is broken. The only way to replace the glass it is to
remove the heavy fixtures from the ceiling and to disassemble the parts to replace the glass.  A very difficult,
expensive  and time consuming job.