Warranty and Guarantee Information

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One Year Factory Warranty and Guarantee
These products include: Special preparation that seals all cracks and grinds all welds and a
3-step painted industrial process with a hand applied faux finish where applicable.

SHS guarantees our products against any defects in workmanship or material for one
year from the date the order is paid in full. This guarantee does not include: damage to
products, frozen doors and latches, rust and oxidation, fading finish color or breakage
resulting from misuse, accident, neglect of maintenance, or products located in extreme
weather conditions or in direct contact with irrigation systems.  

All returns must be authorized by SHS .
Warranties may be purchased only at the time your order is placed.
All warranties will commence on the date your order is paid in full.
3 and 5 Year Extended Warranties

These products include :
Special preparation that seals all cracks and grinds all welds and then adds an additional
industrial zinc coating that protects steel against rust.  A 3-step painted industrial process
with a hand applied faux finish is then added to the protected surface where applicable. 

These warranties cover rusting surfaces, frozen doors and latches and 
defects in workmanship or parts only.  Fading finish color, glass breakage and improper
use or products located in extreme weather conditions or in direct contact with irrigation
systems are not covered in this warranty.
All returns must be authorized by SHS
30 Year Rust Warranty:

Covers products for 30 years against rust only: and will cover, frozen doors and latches and
defects in workmanship or parts for 5 years only.
These products are fabricated using heavy Marine Brass base metal with 90% zinc content.
Special preparation seals all cracks and grinds all welds.
 A 3-step industrial paint process and hand applied faux finish is then added to the
protected surface where applicable. 

Fading finish color, glass breakage and improper use is not covered in his warranty. 
Defective products will be replaced, or repaired  within normal production time periods.
Any work done outside our factory must be authorized by SHS and may invalidate
any warranty or UL certifications. 

SHS limits of liability extend only to the repair or replacement of products manufactured by SHS. 
There will be No reimbursement for removal and re-installation cost.  All items returned   
for repair must be packed carefully to avoid additional repair cost. The total shipping and
transportation costs for items returned for repair will be paid by customer. 

All our products are handmade and may vary slightly in size, finish color and may show
the workmanship of handmade products.
We do not consider these elements defects.  These slight imperfections add to the 
authentic appearance of each item.  If you require a very close match to an item
previously ordered, or a replica of a fixture, we will need a sample of the original
product to use as a guide. 

All damage caused by shipping must be claimed against the shipping company.
Fixture maintenance and care recommendations 
We recommend the maintenance steps below to keep your products in
good condition for many years to come.
Moving parts:  Door hinges and latches are subject to freezing if not properly lubricated.
We recommend that all moving parts be lubricated with oil such as WD-40 to ensure 
that they do not bind and function properly.
Suggested 2 times/year
Finish maintenance:
Finishes will fade over time, but can be restored using the following techniques.

1:  First wipe down the fixture with a moist soft cloth to remove dirt, dust and debris and let dry.
2:  Apply a light coating of high-grade non-abrasive car wax. Use a brand that contains a UV blocker or
UV inhibitors. Do not use compound-type waxes for this purpose. This type of wax contains abrasives that can 
harm the finish.Be sure to wipe off any globs of wax that remain on the surface. If any wax remains on the surface,
it could bake into place when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light. This can cause permanent staining.
3:  Use a clean dry soft cloth to remove the excess wax.

The car wax will restore the finish and keep it looking new for years. Suggested 2 times/year.
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