Terms, Conditions and Product Information
About Our Products

Our products are handmade using blacksmithing techniques. We take great care in the quality of every product. Each piece is sanded, slag removed, welds ground smooth, cracks filled and quality inspected for overall appearance. However, small imperfections grind marks, slight differences in size and variations in our hand-applied finishes may occur. These variations are not considered defects. Slight variations add to the unique look and feel of each of our products. Each item achieves an individual personality created through the hands of our craftsmen. Each premium finish is hand applied to greatly enhance the overall look of the product and give it an authentic aged and elegant appearance.

Wrought iron products are subject to rust and the finishes will fade over time with exposure to the sun. We offer a Powder Coat upgrade that will extend the life of the finishes and help to prevent rust. This extra protection should be used in locations that get harsh sun and excessive moisture.

Wrought iron products will require maintenance over their lifetime to keep the finishes fresh. We recommend using car wax on metal products to maintain the luster and beauty of the hand applied finishes.